Erik Martínez Westley gives a friendly and informative interview on Cadena SER

Director Erik Martínez Westley was invited to the A vivir que son dos días morning show on Cadena SER, Spain’s premier radio network to talk about his latest documentary ¿Preparados para el tsunami?

In between light hearted jokes and laughter Erik delivers key points from the documentary, reminding the audience the importance of awareness and preparedness. While fear paralyzes, information empowers and motivates action. Westley talks about the Tsunami risk in the Iberian Peninsula, reveals current national safety protocols and give the audience a few tips on what to do and not do during a Tsunami alert. 

Listen to the full episode on Cadena SER.

The episode is also available on Apple, Spotify, Amazon, or wherever you get your podcasts. 

Westley’s interview starts with the Tsunami song, a Goat Knight production and initiative to create Tsunami awareness for children. The catchy rock tune is composed and sung by Los Angeles Blues musician Jeff Espinoza. Along with the rock Tsunami song, a children’s animated singalong is also available, check it out here.

¿Preparados para el tsunami? is a co-production between Goat Knight and RTVE, public media of Spain, with the participation of RTP, public media from Portugal, and Movistar Plus+ subscription platform in Spain. The documentary premiered on Thursday December 21st, and is now available for streaming. 


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