Ready For the Tsunami?

A Goat Knight Production with the participation of RTVE.

What does the Gulf of Cadiz in Southwest Europe and the Pacific Northwest in North America have in common? Some of the world’s most devastating earthquakes and tsunamis have repeatedly struck both regions. The last one to hit Southwest Europe was “the Great Lisbon Earthquake” in 1755. Some experts estimate that close to 100.000 people died. It changed the history of Europe. In the age of the enlightenment, “divine punishment” came into question which marked the beginning of modern earth sciences. The Pacific Coast earthquake of 1700 was remembered by Native American nations and named by Japanese historical records, “The Orphan Tsunami”. As tectonic tension accumulates in both of these regions, titanic forces can lift the ocean floor at any moment. If we share the risks, why not share the solutions?

The Cascadia Fault Zone, stretching from Northern California to Vancouver, is one of the most active and best-studied seismic regions in the world. Discover the ingenuity behind the latest science, emergency protocols, and safety measures in place. From early warning systems to vertical evacuation structures and floating survival capsules. At the same time, amaze yourself with evidence from Europe on how tsunamis repeatedly strike the same regions. In times of Carthage (218. BC), Rome (367), the Caliphate (889), Colonial Spain (1532), and the age of the Enlightenment (1755). Our ancestors warn us. Be surprised by the latest technology and science. From mathematical modelling to the discovery of a “new” subduction zone on the Atlantic and what this means. What can the Europeans and Americans learn and implement from each other?

Ready for the Tsunami? is a one-hour science documentary that explains the current risks of large earthquakes and tsunamis in Southwest Europe and the Pacific Northwest. We’ll look into the latest science of what causes these mega-earthquakes and colossal waves, the probability of the next big one happening soon, the state of preparedness of our cities, and the new technologies that offer solutions. Are we ready for the Tsunami?

The one-hour documentary is in production and is scheduled to air in 2023.