Ready For the Tsunami?

A Goat Knight Co-Production with RTVE and the participation of RTP and Movistar Plus+.

Many people are unaware that Southwest Europe has the highest risk of a mega-earthquake and tsunami in the Atlantic Ocean. In the last 9.000 years, the Iberian Peninsula has experienced between 9 and 14 tsunamis. The last one, in 1755, known as the Great Lisbon Earthquake, changed the history of Europe. It also gave birth to modern Earth Sciences. The Mediterranean also has a history of large tsunamis. What will happen when the next tsunami strikes?

Other places, like Hawaii or the Pacific Northwest, live with similar threats. If we share the risks, why not share the solutions?

Ready for the Tsunami? is a one-hour science and technology documentary that shows what causes these large earthquakes and tsunamis in Southwest Europe, uncovers new historical evidence revealing their frequency, and explores world innovations that can keep us safe. We set up the risks with science and history, with facts, and offer solutions with inventive new technologies. Find out how on Ready for the Tsunami?

¿Preparados para el Tsunami? is a co-production between Goat Knight and RTVE, public media of Spain, with the participation of RTP, public media from Portugal, and Movistar Plus+ subscription platform in Spain. The documentary first premiered at the Instituto de Ciencias del Mar (ICM) – CSIC in Barcelona on December 15th, 2023. We are grateful for the support of our sponsors who shared breakthroughs in science and innovative technologies that save lives. University of Hawaiʻi at MānoaJoint Task ForceGordon and Betty Moore FoundationTelxius and SAFE ProjectEMSO ERICICM-CSIC; and the Municipality of Huelva

¿Preparados para el Tsunami? is currently streaming in Movistar Plus+

It will broadcast on RTVE and RTP on June/July 2024. 


Ready for the Tsunami? builds on a successful documentary series Erik Martinez-Westley wrote and produced for PBS in California on how to prepare for a large earthquake. The Whistle: Are We Ready for the Big One? frequently broadcasts in Southern California after an earthquake and currently streams on these links on PBS and KVCR.