National History Museum, Los Angeles: Animación gráfica de fondo para la composición musical “In Nomine Terra Calens”.

El Ogorodova animated a background visual piece for the musical performance of In Nomine Terra Calens composed by seismologist, Dr. Lucy Jones. The music was performed by the Los Angeles Baroque at the Night of Ideas event held at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum. The music piece plays out Earth’s temperature data over the past 138 years. The animations reveal numerical data and capture what seems slow, yet a visibly exponential increase of rising in temperature. This project was an incredible collaboration with a talented and brilliant group of designers, musicians, and scientists. 
The project got a significant amount of press, including a mention in Science Magazine. More information about the performance can be found directly on the Dr. Lucy Jones Center webpage.
Art Direction: El Ogorodova.
Client: Lucy Jones Center.