Houston Astros (MLB): Strike Countdown Character Animation.

Goat Knight created a series of twenty Strike Animations for the Major League Baseball (MLB) team, Houston Astros. The playful animations featured an astronaut that gets caught up in all sorts of comical situations. Goat Knight produced the script, design, illustration, and character animation. In addition to the Main Board graphics at the Minute Maid Park Stadium in Houston, Goat Knight also made both sponsored and non-sponsored LED animations that play in sync with all the strike animations. 

Goat Knight built a toolkit that allowed further customization for special events. For example Cinco de Mayo.

With a single image provided by the Houston Astros, Goat Knight illustrated over 30 poses, which were in turn rigged and animated for the strike-countdown.

Creative and Art Direction: El Ogorodova.
Design and Animation: Goat Knight.
Illustration: Goat Knight.
Script: Goat Knight.
Production Studio: Epic Arc Productions.
Venue: Minute Maid Park, Houston, Texas.