Paquete de Animación Gráfica en 2D para el documental ¿Preparados para el Tsunami?

Goat Knight produced the science and technology documentary Ready for the Tsunami? about the tsunami risks in Southwest Europe. The documentary shows what causes large tsunamis, uncovers new historical evidence revealing their frequency, and explores global innovations that can keep us safe. Read more about the project here.

Goat Knight also created the Motion Graphics Package consisting of 3D models and simulations, 2D supporting graphics, and animated illustrations.

Goat Knight created the 2D graphics package for Ready for the Tsunami? The animated graphics consisted of the main title sequence, locators, lower thirds, transitions, and cards. These elements acted as visual support as the narrative changed location, pace, or subject.

Ready for the Tsunami? set up the risks with science and history, with facts, and offer solutions with inventive new technologies. The mission is to entertain, inform, and create awareness. With this in mind Goat Knight chose a bright and welcoming aesthetic. The color palette consists of bright colors, blue representing water, and orange representing attention. The typeface is wide and rounded, to evoke ease. The mission of the graphics package was to avoid alarm and fear, and instead lean into education, progress, and curiosity.

Main Title


Lower Thirds, overlays and locators.

In motion

Production: Goat Knight.
Design and Animation: Goat Knight.
Networks: RTVE, RTP and Movistar Plus+