Ready for the Tsunami? 3D Graphics Package.

Goat Knight produced the science and technology documentary Ready for the Tsunami? about the tsunami risks in Southwest Europe. The science and technology documentary explains what causes large tsunamis, uncovers new historical evidence revealing their frequency, and explores world innovations that can keep us safe. Read more about the project here.

Goat Knight also created the Motion Graphics Package consisting of 2D supporting graphics, 3D models and simulations, and animated illustrations.

Goat Knight built 3D models of tsunami simulations based on scientific flood maps, pioneering technology behind Tsunami preparedness (Vertical Evacuation Towers), and Tsunami Early Warning Systems (underwater telecom cables and repeaters equipped with sensors).  
We are accustomed to seeing relief maps where land masses are defined whereas the oceans remain flat. Since our documentary focused on the land formations at the bottom of the ocean, we chose to invert the look. With the help of height-map data and the assistance of marine scientists, Goat Knight created a detailed and realistic 3D model of the bottom of the ocean floor in the Gulf of Cadiz. This process helps viewers discover the underwater land formations; among these, the enormous Gorringe Ridge, a 5,000-meter mountain 210 kilometers west of Portugal.
¿Preparados para el Tsunami? takes our audience to a variety of locations. Goat Knight created 3D maps and globes, to visually guide our audience as we travel to different parts of our planet. 
Production: Goat Knight.
Design and Animation: Goat Knight.
Networks: RTVE, RTP and Movistar Plus+