Paquete de infografía e ilustración. para el documental ¿Preparados para el Tsunami?

Goat Knight produced the science and technology documentary Ready for the Tsunami? about the tsunami risks in Southwest Europe. The science and technology documentary explains what causes large tsunamis, uncovers new historical evidence revealing their frequency, and explores world innovations that can keep us safe. Read more about the project here.

Goat Knight also created the Motion Graphics Package consisting of 2D supporting graphics, 3D models and simulations, and animated illustrations.

Ready for the Tsunami? dives into the science behind Tsunamis and technologies that can keep us safe. Goat Knight worked closely with geologists, marine geoscientists, geophysicists, mathematicians, and safety experts to design diagrams and models directly from scientific papers. In this process we created a coherent style, staying true to the science in accuracy while at the same time making it easy to understand for all audiences.
¿Preparados para el Tsunami? shares the stories of past Tsunamis in Southwest Europe to understand their recurrence and predict their future impact. Historians walk us through several historical anecdotes that Goat Knight illustrates with cartoons.
Production: Goat Knight.
Design and Animation: Goat Knight.
Networks: RTVE, RTP and Movistar Plus+