Book and Promo: La prensa libre no fue un regalo.

Goat Knight produced three videos for the book The Free Press Was Not a Gift, written by José Antonio Martínez Soler and published by Marcial Pons.

The first video contains a brief summary and call to action.

The two following videos showcase the book presentationThe Free Press Was Not a Gift, with contributions from panelist and following conversation, at the Ateneo of Madrid (Oct 5th, 2022).

Erik Martínez Westley co-edited the manuscript of The Free Press Was Not a Gift before its publication in 2022.

Production: Goat Knight.
Client: José Antonio Martínez Soler.
Script and Directing: Erik Martinez Westley.
Creative Direction: El Ogorodova.
Publisher: Marcial Pons.
Venue: Ateneo Científico, Literario y Artístico. Madrid.