¿Preparados para el Tsunami? (Ready for the Tsunami?) was featured today on RTVE’s famous La aventura del saber (The adventure of knowledge).

Hector Perea, Senior Investigator at the Instituto de Ciencias del Mar (ICM) – CSIC gave a wonderful interview on RTVE’s La aventura del Saber (The Adventure of Knowledge). This iconic program showcased Goat Knight’s latest documentary ¿Preparados para el Tsunami? (Ready for the Tsunami?).

An expert in underwater faults and earthquakes, Hector Perea talks about Tsunami risks and Early Warning Systems for Southwest Europe. Watch the full interview here.

¿Preparados para el tsunami? is a co-production between Goat Knight and RTVE, public media of Spain, with the participation of RTP, public media from Portugal, and Movistar Plus+ subscription platform in Spain. The documentary premiered on Thursday December 21st, and is now available for streaming. 

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