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Short Synopsis: 
Some of the world’s most devastating earthquakes and tsunamis have repeatedly struck the Atlantic coast of southwest Europe . At a subduction zone along the Azores-Gibraltar fault line, just 250 kilometres west of the Iberian Peninsula, titanic forces can lift the sea floor at any moment. In 1356 Seville was devastated. In 1755 southern Spain and Portugal shook with an 8.5 magnitude earthquake and were quickly overrun by 30 meter waves. Over 100,000 people died. Lisbon was destroyed. It changed the history of Europe. 
We know this area has been building tension and poses the highest risk of a mega earthquake and tsunami in the entire Atlantic Ocean. Over 6 million people live in a threatened area that hosts tens of millions of tourists. The next big one is due to happen any moment.
Many other places have been struck by tsunamis in the recent past and share similar risks: Canada and the U.S. Pacific Northwest, Hawaii, Chile, Japan, Australia and Switzerland. We share these risks, why not share the solutions?
Ready for the Tsunami? Is a one hour documentary that entertains and explains with high-end motion graphics the current risks of large earthquakes and tsunamis. We’ll look into the latest science that explains these colossal waves, the probability of the next big one happening soon, the state of preparedness of our cities, new technologies, and solutions at hand. Are we ready for the tsunami?
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