SMART Cables promo premieres at the Science and Society Workshop

Goat Knight produced a 5 minute video on a revolutionary new technology that will soon be installed in Portugal and International Waters. The short-video explains SMART Cables, a project sponsored by ITU, WMO, and IOC-UNESCO.
This technology will install environmental sensors (Ocean Bottom Temperature, Ocean Bottom Pressure, and Seismic Acceleration), into telecom repeaters along 3.700 kilometers, at 4.000 meters depth, on about 50 repeaters on the CAM Atlantic Cable (Continent Azores Madeira) to be installed in 2026.
The video premiered at the SMART Cables, Science and Society Workshop at Aveiro, Portugal, on May 23rd, 2023. More information on this technology can be found on
All Designs and Motion Graphic Animations have been created by Goat Knight and approved by authoring scientists and engineers.

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